As a kid, I never really celebrated Halloween. It wasn’t because my parents were one of those people that believed the holiday worshiped the devil but I think more because they didn’t feel like taking me and my siblings out trick or treating and buying costumes that I was most likely going to wear once a year. After all, they did take my older siblings trick or treating before me and my sister were born/little. Instead, I stayed home and gave out candy to other kids. Although that might sound boring, I didn’t think much of it as a kid and enjoyed having people in silly and interesting costumes show up at my door and handing them candy.

One year, however, my mother allowed me and my siblings to go trick or treating. I remembered being so excited that finally, I got to do what the other kids do on Halloween. I still remember the costumes me and my sister wore that year. I was Leonardo from TNMT (Yes, I know he was a male character but I was obsessed with TMNT and wanted to be him, DAMMIT!) and my sister was a witch (lol). My older brother went trick or treating with his friends and wore a Scream mask and I’m not sure if my older sister wore a costume.

At the elementary school, I went to at the time, they would throw a parade on Halloween. The kids would get to put on their costumes and parade around the school doing various fun activities and eat junk food. I remember my friends asking if I was embarrassed to be dressed up as a male character when I was a female. At first, I wasn’t because I was happy to finally be apart of the parade. But, I did get embarrassed and kept my mask on even though the other kids were aware I was a girl. For the kids who didn’t celebrate the holiday, they would have a party during the parade in the library. I know this because for the longest time me and my sister went there even though our parents didn’t hate Halloween. For the library party, you still got to eat a lot of good food. The activities consist of watching a movie (not Halloween related of course) and we did arts and crafts. I didn’t hate the library parties but I was so happy to finally be apart of something so huge at the school!

To be honest, I don’t really remember much about the trick or treating part but I did have fun hanging out with my friends and going trick or treating with them. And after we were done, me and my siblings were sharing and trading the candy we got. It was amazing! Unfortunately, I never went trick or treating after that. We moved and that was it. Back to passing out candy. I didn’t mind, though. I liked giving out candy and my family did throw our own Halloween party. I still love Halloween but sadly I live in an apartment so no trick or treaters for me. But, I like to buy candy just in case I do get someone knocking on my door. I doubt a kid would walk three flights of stairs for candy, though.

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