6-10-20 Update!

Long time no see! Still working on the new chapter and let me tell ya, I’ve been having a lot of writer’s block but I’m working through it! I can tell you that this is a long one and I’m trying to also write other chapters in advance so I can try to get these chapters out fast. That’s one thing I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I wish I could get these chapters out fast but there are so many factors that make that difficult. But I’ll figure it out so I appreciate your patience. Trust me it will come! I feel like I’m almost done with the script so I can finally draw. Also, If you go to page 10 on my blog, you’ll see I added something. It’s been a while since I updated that page and that’s mainly because I’m not that interested in posting things all the time only when I want to. It’s about current events warn you so if you’re not in the mood I understand. As always, if anything new happens I will inform you. Until next time, see ya!

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